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Neurotic Indecency

I already signed it myself D:

Neurotic Indecency


I already signed it myself D:

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Saw this on jettakd's journal.

"Principal Fakes Results to Support Sex Segregated Classes

by Alex DiBranco
June 03, 2010

"Back in February, I wrote about a public Louisiana middle school being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union on Title IX grounds for segregating classes by sex without parental consent. Worse, as I pointed out in the article, "Single Sex Classes on Trial Expect Girls to Sit Down and Shut Up," the motivation for this segregation was based on harmful and unsound gender stereotypes that expect boys to enjoy debate and adventure and girls to quietly observe and be obedient to their male saviors.

The segregated curriculum at Rene A. Rost Middle School violates both Title IX, which permits sex segregation only with an "exceedingly persuasive" justification, and Department of Education regulations that require any single-sex class be "completely voluntary" and have an "equal coeducational class." Despite this, and despite admitting that the arguments for the program were "extremely flawed," the District Court refused to issue a preliminary injunction to stop the illegal sex segregation based primarily on personal sympathies for single-sex education. Say what?

An appeals brief (pdf) filed by the ACLU last week demonstrates that "extremely flawed" even puts the situation mildly. What happened? Acting sans parental permission, in 2008 Principal David Dupuis used eighth graders as guinea pigs, switching students from coed to single-sex math and English classes. He pronounced the experiment a success, claiming that student scores and behavior improved, leading to school-wide segregation the next year. Yet an expert analysis found these assertions to be baseless; in fact, report cards show that test scores declined when students were segregated. The principal has since admitted to fiddling the numbers and that there were no behavioral improvements; he also destroyed evidence he claimed proved that student scores got a boost from being isolated from the opposite sex.

Prior to this "experiment," Dupuis had already begun separating students by sex "during non-instructional periods, such as lunch, recess, before school, and in the after-school bus lines," also without parental consent. It seems like what he really wants is to bar girls and boys from associating in any venue. Last time I checked, in America we believe it's acceptable and, yeah, even good for members of the male and female sex to interact with one another. Maybe Dupuis still thinks girls have cooties?

There are a couple other disturbing pieces to the situation: in a nod to the law that single-sex courses must be voluntary, consent forms were finally distributed, but the coed "option" was actually just a special needs class. Principal Dupuis called parents were elected a coed class to coerce them into changing their minds, since otherwise there wouldn't be enough students for his single-sex system, and in other cases parental wishes were simply thrown out the window.

Dr. Diana Halpern, a former president of the American Psychological Association, testified in court that the sex stereotyping that occurred in these courses causes students serious and irremediable harm, causing anxiety, deterring girls from pursuing math studies, and increasing bullying of students who don't fit into learned gender stereotypes. It's vital to stop these stereotype-based, sexist, detrimental sex segregated classes before another crop of students are subjected to the notion that boys and girls shouldn't interact, and that a proper girl is a quiet, needy girl.

Tell Principal Dupuis and the district school board members to end these harmful sex segregated classes today."

Link to petition and original article: http://womensrights.change.org/blog/view/principal_fakes_results_to_support_sex_segregated_classes
Link to February article: http://womensrights.change.org/blog/view/single-sex_classes_on_trial_expect_girls_to_sit_down_and_shut_up "
  • So, I know this post is fairly old, but I had to comment. (In case you're wondering who I am and how I wandered on to your LJ page, I saw some of your posts in bad_service and was intrigued by your awesome user name!)

    Let me start by saying, I agree that this principal was 100% in the wrong. However, I have read several studies (scientific research studies published in peer reviewed journals) that show boys tend to learn better in an all-male environment. The studies I read all looked at all-male schools where the programs were tailored to include more physical activity, which is probably one factor in their success.

    That being said, I think there are two major differences between the studies I have read and what this principal attempted to do. First, I think there is a huge difference between an all-male school environment and a co-ed school where the males and females are kept apart on purpose. Second, the studies I read made it clear that males and females should be taught the same things (and are capable of learning the same things). The emphasis in those studies was on the fact that males and females often have significantly different learning styles.
  • Oh, yeah, I don't care about the part of them putting them in segregated sex classes. I've gone to schools where they had same-sex classes (I wasn't in those classes, but I had friends who were) and I was in an all-girl's school for one year of school.

    Some people need special conditions to learn better. (I myself learn better when I'm alone like with online school or tutoring, rather then a classroom setting with my peers). I didn't know about that about boys learning better in all-male environment, though!

    It was just the fact that they're not giving them equal opportunity classes/subjects/etc. Also, the fact it was done without all the parents consents is what made me mad.
    • Yeah. Boys are generally more active and less likely to be able to sit still and pay attention for hours at a time (something girls are much better at doing). The really good all-boys schools will have a lot more physical activity and hands-on learning than a more traditional school. Of course, that's just a generalization and not a hard-and-fast rule. It does, however, make me wonder if that difference is my so many boys are diagnosed with ADHD! Especially when compared to the number of girls diagnosed with it. And...I'm going to stop myself before I go of on a full blown rant about overdiagnosing of ADHD!
  • I've also wanted to ask what your icon means :D, since I've seen you around the comms, too, lol. I just don't post super commonly.
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